Smart Homz are Automated Homz

Programmable Thermostats

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Conserve energy when you’re not home

Set your daily preferences

Control your home from anywhere

Water Leak Detection

Water hero, leak detection, pipe burst, water leak, frozen pipe, water shutoff, smart water shutoff

Control water shutoff from your phone – receive alerts if a pipe leaks, freezes, or bursts. 

Monitor your water usage.

Motorized Blinds/Shades

smart blinds, motorized blinds, smart home, smart homz, electric blinds

Control your blinds from your smart phone

Set your daily scheduled preferences

Solar power compatibility

Outlet/Appliance/Lighting Control

smart lights, smart home, appliance control, home automation, smart outlets, smart appliances

 Control your home lights via your smart phone

Set your daily scheduled preferences

Save on electric bills and preserve energy

Garage Door Control

MyQ, smart garage, garage door opener, smart garage door, smart homz, smart home

Control from anywhere with your smartphone

No need for openers or unsightly key pads

Compatible with most brands made after 1993


smart irrigation, smart sprinklers, sprinkler system, irrigation system

Control via smart phone, website or voice 

Securely allow access to landscaper 

Save time, money and aggravation


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