Smart Homz are Secure Homz

Keyless Locks

Controlled by code or voice-recognition, which means no more keys. Simply change your locking code to ensure fresh security.

Video Doorbell

See who’s at the door whether you are home or away even if it’s dark out. 1080HD video, two-way audio and customizable motion sensors.

Floodlight Camera

Motion-activated smart home security cameras that allows you to see who is at your house in real time and send alarms to scare off intruders.

Security Systems

The first line of defense against theft and intruders. Systems feature wireless sensors and integration with your smartphone.

Outdoor Cameras

You have eyes on the premises all the time. Be sure the kids got in safely from school or keep an eye out for unwanted guests.


Easily control alerts from your smart phone. Know when a window or door is left open or when a loved one arrive home safely.