How can Smart Homz help you?


No two Smart Homz should be identical as no two owners live exactly the same way.

Smart Homz need to mimic their owner and should be a holistic solution that contains a combination of smart devices that serve a purpose to make the owners life safer, more convenient or provide some form of entertainment.


  • It’s security that you control from anywhere. 
  • It’s peace of mind being able to monitor your vacation home at any time. 
  • It’s voice command for all systems in your house, from heating and cooling to lights and locks. 
  • It’s energy efficiency in your lighting, appliances, fixtures and water consumption. 
  • It’s integrated music, video and internet connectivity throughout the house, indoors and out.

We are Your Smart Homz Consultants



Our Smart Homz experts research and test all of the latest products and service options the industry has to offer and make our unbiased recommendations.



Find out what the experts at Smart Homz  believe are the latest  and greatest in smart home technology. We make the complicated decisions easy.



Once you've made the decision to upgrade to a smart home, we will align you with a reputable Smart Homz service professional in your area for a free in-home consultation.


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