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 Smart Homz is the premier provider of residential and commercial technology solutions. With experienced installers, dedicated account managers and outstanding customer support, we provide an elite level of service that is unparalleled in the market today. 

Excellence and innovation go into every project.

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It’s not just about the install, we take the time to understand the challenges of all project sizes, and have our team take care of everything. We have a full complement of service professionals at hand to help make all jobs run smoothly: plumbers, electricians, project managers and site inspectors. We give you the site map and coverage areas. We manage the projects and we perfect the work. We work with everyone - utility and cable companies, home and business owners, tenants, everyone. 

We dig. 

We climb. 

We hide wires.

We get permits. 

We get approvals. We never increase quoted prices without a change order form signed by you. There are no surprises when you work with us.

The Smart Homz Difference



 We select the products to use for a customer based upon their individual needs and not necessarily a manufacturer that we are aligned with. In short, we are brand neutral. We research and test hundreds of products and use only the best ones for our customers. 



 Research supplies us with an understanding of consumer preferences and provides forecast trends before they hit the mainstream. We stay ahead of the market, understand the competition, and are always on the cutting edge of technology.


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 In a world where people are seeking out unbiased recommendations to help them make purchase decisions, we offer our expertise in the field that will guide you through the process. Partnering with experts in the industry allows us to pool resources and build a knowledge base that becomes a resource for our customers.



 We pride ourselves in offering a good old-fashioned level of customer service that otherwise can’t be found in this industry. Our goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations every step of the way with our level of customer care and value-added services. We are consistent, honest and deliver a high level of quality care that makes our customers feel like family. 

How can Smart Homz help you?

Smart home, smart homz, smart devices, smart home installers, home automation, home security, locks

No two Smart Homz should be identical, as no two owners live exactly the same way.

Smart Homz need to mimic their owner, and should be a holistic solution that contains a combination of smart devices that serve a purpose to make the owners life safer, more convenient or provide some form of entertainment.

  • It’s security that you control from anywhere. 
  • It’s peace of mind being able to monitor your home at any time. 
  • It’s voice command for all systems, from heating and cooling to lights and locks. 
  • It’s energy efficiency in your lighting, appliances, fixtures and water consumption. 
  • It’s integrated music, video and internet connectivity indoors and out.  

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