Control4 - Smart Home Automation & Control

Control4 premium automation solutions make you the true master of your domain. Easily and intelligently control every aspect of your house—from lights, security, climate control, home theater, music and more—even if you are miles away. Or let things happen automatically. Music can stream throughout the house from any source. When it’s game time, have the lights dim, the shades lower and the TV tune to the right input, with one tap. Your security system arms automatically as the lights go out the minute everyone’s safe in bed. It’s that simple and fully customizable for any home, big or small. Control4. 


Control4 Home Automation with Amazon Alexa

A simple voice command, you can light up the hallway and kitchen and starts your favorite playlist while the door locks itself behind you. With just a few words, raise the shades while getting ready for work or adjust the temperature from bed. Verbally set scenes, dim lights, music and security. That's a smart home.


Control4 Security

Control4 premium automation solutions can give you complete control over all the systems and devices in your home. Stay in-the-know with 24/7 home monitoring from your smartphone. Make sure your kids didn’t leave the garage door open—or, if they did, close it instantly. View your security cameras any time.


Entertainment & Automation

With a single remote, control everything in your media cabinet.  Add smart light switches, shade control, or a thermostat to any room and extend your automation to the rest of the house later with fully integrated Control4 solutions. Start with entertainment in any room, end with a fully automated smart home.


Music & Video

Control4 premium automation solutions put music and video at your command from your favorite device. Stream high-fidelity sound to every room in the house. Play high-definition video from virtually any source on any TV. Command all things at home, whether you’re there or away: lighting, security, music, TV and more. 


Intercom Anywhere

When your mobile device is part of the intercom experience, you'll always know who is at the door. See and hear who is calling before you answer. And from anywhere in the world, tap a custom button to disarm the alarm, turn on the lights, and unlock the door. Instantly video-connect to any of your touch screens. Home automation is simple with Control4.


Music for Every Room

From streaming sources to speakers, and everything in between. Control4 brings great sounding music to every room of the house so you can immerse yourself in song. Treat yourself to pristine-sounding music in one room - or every room.