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Smart Homz offers custom smart home solutions.

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Whether you just need a TV installed or a custom home theater; we do it all.

Control water shutoff from your phone – receive alerts if a pipe leaks, freezes, or bursts. 

Remotely control your heating and electric – never arrive to a cold, dark house again. 

Monitor your property from your phone – home security with no monthly fees. 

A video doorbell allows you to use your phone to see who’s at the door –  you decide who to let in. 

Remotely unlock your doors – no more lost keys or locksmiths. Offer a unique  code for each renter or family member. 

Smoke and CO alerts to your phone – what good is an alarm if no one hears it? 

Let us help you decide what's right for you.

Be Smart and contact a Smart Homz expert!

Be Smart and contact a Smart Homz expert!

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Home Security


Monitor your security system from anywhere using your phone. Keep an eye on your home as easily as you check your email or texts.

home security

Home Automation


Create the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience throughout your entire home with automation and smart home technology.

Home automation

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