Water Leak Detection

Smart water leak devices detect major home problems such as a pipe burst, humidity issues and freezing or high temperatures. Water will automatically shut off if a leak is detected and send notifications to your smartphone.

Water damage is a serious problem. Even just a simple faucet leak can turn it into hundreds of gallons of wasted water per year. Not to mention, an excessively high water bill. Depending on the leak, water spillage and water damage may be a possibility.

What many people don’t know is that water damage left untreated can be the perfect breeding ground for mold, damaging floors, walls, insulation, you name it.  This could end up causing you hundreds to thousands of dollars in Insurance.

Being proactive is a must.

It's important to check on pipes before the cold winter. It’s why it’s necessary to fix leaks immediately once you find them. Prevention is the first step.